Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Things we Know how To Do

Aaron said "I know how to drive, Dad." He is six. He does not know how to drive.

He knows how to sit on my lap and "help" steer as I back the car out of the garage.

I remember thirty years ago when I "knew" how to do life (and what death meant.)

Was I just sitting on God's lap playing with the Big(steering)Wheel of Life, the Universe and Everything?

Aaron likes to think he knows how to drive.,

I let him think that, as others have let me think I knew things.

He and I will both have to learn as we go.


  1. How nice to be so sure of things. My four year old is so certain that she'll play trombone when she grows up, that when she sees someone playing it, she says, "Same as I do!"

    It's already a done deal in her mind.

  2. My son is also convinced he can drive. He's almost ten, though--maybe he can drive? Who knows...we won't be testing his convictions any time soon, though!