Friday, June 29, 2012

80 years of Kit Cat clocks

Remember the Kit Cat clock?
Those searching eyes
The hypnotic tail that never stops
Spawned by the Allied Clock Company,
in Portland, Oregon, Nineteen Thirty Two 

I  don't remember where or when I first saw these, but I do remember there being one in a barbershop where I got my hair cut as a small boy. 

If we're playing "Kitch, Krap, or Klassic"  I'd come down as Klassic Kitch. 

This year marks the eightieth anniversary of the timepieces. 

Still Manufactured in America on the western end of Route 66, by the California Clock Company, they remain as much a reminder of a cheery outlook as always.

You can still order one in a number of fetching colors, as well as parts, shirts, greeting cards, beach towels, etc. or read more about the history and culture of Kit Cat Clocks at the official company web site here.