Friday, May 29, 2009

more kid stuff

Aaron went out to play. He had his favorite CARS ball. He wanted to play with some of the other kids in our apartment area. He was very enthusiastic. They were a little older. They weren't up for him. After telling him to go back to his patio, which he didn't get, they dealt with it by throwing his favorite ball over the fence into the yard of another apartment place. by the time I got home from work, about nine, it was too late to go back for it. The thrower did at least apologize. He said he meant to throw it into the yard next to the yard it went into. There were other kids in that yard, throwing the balls back and worth to our apartment places' kids. Having been alerted to the situation I brought him home a toy golf set he can use outside or inside(so he could use it as soon as I got home). He's not too worried about his other ball now. T-T-T-Tiger Woods ya'll.