Monday, January 10, 2011

Experimental stream- o - consciousness thing.

Seven something am, pink clouds at sunrise. Boxed Lincoln Town Car taxi, raised about six inches above factory and sporting blindingly shiny 22's - among the minis and smart cars.

Then, after waking up from a mid day nap, tripping in a movie. Then he's driving to the Indian clinic listening to the theme from the X-files - turned way up loud..

White noise machines in the halls of the clinic, wouldn't matter to him, could never hear private conversations behind closed doors over The Ring in his head - tinnitus in the extreme, just adds to the surreal feeling of his perceptions.

Aaron waking up damp, coughing, taking allergie medicine - packing the vintage superman lunchbox.

Elizabeth Moon book - Speed of Dark, a fine slightly sci-fi exploration of being Autistic in a *normal* world.  The question of  treating Autism for Normalcy  vs. Rights of  Neuro-Diversity.

His 20 year old, multi-functional Moog tuner has died, doesn't really need it, but just in case still has his late 70's plastic pitch pipe. Remembers watching his daughter as a child, tuning fork behind her ear, tuning up her cello. Then listening -  Gomez, playing Airstream Driver, acoustic on 101.9 Kink fm live studio ...

Reads  this, found stuck in an old English 101 notebook,  from when J.L. Burke was his teacher:

I heard him ask you "Who can count the apples in a seed?"

But you never understood  that the joke was on us both.

I'd been playing Three-Mile Island, Ayatollah  Bingo

I'd been playing Toxic Waste Roulette

Glenfiddich, Mopar, Valvoline -

Shakespeare, Thorazine, Rock-N-Roll.

Onward Christian Soldiers - what?

Sitting,  Feeling, on the hill. The wind is in my head

Waiting here for Everyman, Hoping I'll see Jesus.

Hoping I'll see.