Monday, March 22, 2010

Blue River Anthology

I've got a permanent link to Mr. Krieger's site down on the port side of this blog, but I really wanted you to see this part. You can get to the rest of his stuff from here. Beautifully crafted images that actually seem to mean something.  Ok, the old guy with the sheep is just slightly creepy, maybe it's just me.

Blue River Anthology

       I've got RUSH boat job in the shop we're about to be in a rush to move out of.  In last December there was plenty of time. Now there's not and I'm having my usual gel coat issues and thank God I've finally decided this is going to be my LAST ONE OF THESE F-ING GEL COAT JOBS!

      NO-REALLYREALLYREALLY!!!!!  Other people, some of whom know, say my results in fiberglass/gel coat work are good. Sometimes, really good.  The thing is, it costs me way too much in time, aggravation and general stress.  Since I already have a couple of different stress related illnesses, I think it's time to drop this particular stress bucket.  There is other boat work out there that is at least as lucrative and a lot less damaging to me.

     I step out back of the house. I turn my eyes to the sky. I'm watching the clouds, watching the fir trees and feeling the wind.  I've done this probably a thousand times.  I'm always looking to the sky.  I think it's a way of centering myself with the world.  "We are all of us in the gutter.  Some of us a lookin' at the Stars" - Chrissy Hyndes, -Message of Love.

At attempt at what music looks like, and a good one

Infographic of the Day: All Music Should Look Like This | Design & Innovation | Fast Company

I don't know squat about the term infographic. I know, as they say, what I like. When you go to Fast Company's page scroll down past the 1st image to the actual video. Watch.