Sunday, January 8, 2012

Quite The Little Fellow - Stone #9

It's just a little old stuffed toy.

It encapsulates many aspects of life.

It speaks of innocent beginnings, time and tides encountered along the way.

It recalls precious memories, bitter disappointments, loss, and if one is very fortunate, a finding of the way home again, to be held forever in the tender love of one grown beyond.

Besides, I love the hat.

Stone #8

Again, 8k mhz Ring. look, it's a constant in my head, so get used to it being in these Mindful moments.

The fog is thick, a tangible thing in it's touch, cool and moist, yet soft and intimate.

I have some affinity for the fog. It seems both friend and foe. Dulls some input, enhances others.

Obviously, I've never had to pilot a boat through treacherous waters in it.

Context can change everything, aye?