Wednesday, October 21, 2009

new house, old back

There is sand in this picture. There is sand in this post.
close enough.

We are pretty much fully in our new place - nice little two story townhouse. cool ceilings. better area, just on the edge-farm field 1/2 block away.

I've got a tiny(20'x26') little private back yard with an appropriately sized patio. It has dirt - and bushes-wooden fence-all that. It has weeds. It has weeding and some serious but tiny landscaping. I have a yard debris cart. There is only one way into the back yard. Through. the. house. Technically, the cart will fit through the doors. But it's just wrong. Now I've got to go buy one of those long skinny "runner" drop cloths just to get the unwanted portion of my yard's bio-mass to the curb. Still, I love my new previously unattended, unloved and disturbingly muddy(at this point) back yard.

Yay for life changes(sometimes, like new different homes)

My darling oldest daughter, scavenger and thrifter deluxe, recently brought me one of those green plastic turtle sand boxes for her 5 year little brother. She called me before she delivered it to ask if her little brother would find it's lack of eyes as traumatically disturbing as she thought, and if so where to get eyes. Craft warehouse. Her friend _-_-_-_, had meticulously cleaned it and the new big brown puppy eyes are kinda cute. now for sand. Six 60lb "truck tubes" were acquired. (you know, they go in the bed of one's pickup to add traction when nature takes some back during winter) Ow! 60lbs(times 6) weighs more than it did 20 or 30 years ago. The tubes are now stacked neatly in the garage. waiting. they will wait until: A. we decide where we want the sand box turtle for ever and all time(I'm not moving this stuff all in one pile) B. my back to stop hurting, or at least to hurt less.(went to the Indian Clinic today and got a couple of week's worth of Vicadin)

Boo on life changes(like what happens to the human body,slowly, over 50 or so years, while you're not paying attention-heavy is heavier, tired is tired-er, the ground comes up faster- and hits much harder, etc.)

Still, the sand box is worth the pain. Liking the new place A LOT.