Monday, December 8, 2008

Life in the goofy lane.

There are pros and cons to Aaron's being in early school now.
pro: He's picking up new things from new teacher & kid influences.
Con: He's picking up new things from new kid influences.
Last evening I got a call from his older brother, I think on behalf of his older sister (who has two daughters, one just four months Aaron's junior, the other two & one half. It's seems there was some reference made to "putting a baby in someone's belly". Granted, I had a fever at the time the call came in, but my reaction was kind of like "OH great, and so it begins". I admit. I've been taking the coward's way out today and waiting for AAron's mom to come back from migraine land to deal with it.
Today I went to the doctor's - again. Now I've got a sinus infection. oh great. It's kinda hard to do my job when bending over is a very bad thing as to face pain. And still there's the fever.

Picked up Aaron this eve. Told him about the doctors and getting a couple of different shots(ok, 3) to which he loudly proclaimed "OH-MY-GOD!" "Don't say OH-MY-GOD!, son, say OH My Gosh". "ok" We drove around a little while in the neighborhood, delaying getting back out in the main rush hour traffic, and looking at Christmas lights.

Dad- "GOSH".

AAron- "OH-MY GOSH!'"
42 times in roughly a half hour.

ok, maybe it was only 4o times.
Christmas gifting is going to be very lean this year.
I'm sure that's the same for many, just doesn't make the parental "wish I could do more" any easier.