Friday, January 20, 2012

Catching Up - More Small Stones

#15 Recalling red tail hawks in KS, how they prefer to nest high in sycamore trees, next to creeks. How an adolescent will circle for hours on end, crying for it's parents to come feed it, when it could be hunting. How they watch from fence posts, and tilt their heads in thought.

 #16 So - if sound waves are capable of molecular changes to matter, might constant 8k MHz tinnitus ring change brain, or is wave even there?

# 17 Sitting in my therapists waiting room, which is louder, The Ring or the white noise machines? Um, The Ring.
#18  Standing in the Portland rain, in the evening, watching the cherry tree, its branches bare in winter. Feeling the wind, feeling it's curves.
#19  Half light, just pre-dawn / driving my son to his school / Small blizzard, huge flakes //
#20  Half past January. In the last two hours the precipitation has gone from rain to snow and back again,  three times. Snowing out the window now, flakes the size of quarters. Fire place going. The Ring is up loud. Now it's Winter in Portland.