Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Small Stones, a New Challenge

Today I'm starting a new writing challenge. It's called, yes you guessed it, a river of stones. The badge above will link to the information page at Writing Our Way Home

This is another page and group that my friend Johanna Harness put me onto in one of her posts at Johanna's Big Thoughts - This one. She's awesome like that, @Johannaharness is

One - up & out of bed

First cup of coffee is just kicking in
as I climb the stairs to his room
He is almost eight, going on five
It's part of his boggle, you see

I make sure I've got Monkey
as I scoop him up from his bed
It wouldn't do otherwise
Monkey is "very special"

He's getting too big to carry around
my legs tell me so going back down
to his breakfast, and cartoons, and clean clothes
Dawn, coming in the window on his face

Two, off to school

He rides out on his little blue bike
a chipper fellow
in his silver helmet
and his red coat

It's just now full daylight and cold
he seems so small, so fast
Something catches in my chest
and he's gone