Sunday, May 4, 2008

Half century & counting

Just had my 5oth birthday recently. Was surprised by a reasonably(for me) large turnout at a truly surprising surprise party. Although I'm not normally one who enjoys such surprises, this was o.k. Better than OK, it was a good day all around. As you might suspect, there has been much stock taking of my life around and since that day. I'm now 50. I don't own a house. I have no medical insurance. I have virtually no retirement setup. It's o.k. I will continue to strive for some degree of financial success a/o security, while bearing in mind that such things are, at best, tenuous things. It's more important to me to strive for spiritual, emotional and material balance in my life. In most things, I find balance to be the key. I know this to be true, as much as I know anything to be true. That doesn't make the achievement of balance any simpler or easier a thing to accomplish.

My life is o.k. I have family who love me and who are not intolerably crazy(most of the time). I have reasonably OK work to do that I believe I do reasonably well. I have sufficient, if not the desired housing. I have my own car to go where/when I want or need. I live in a beautiful city(as cities go) in a beautiful part of the country(pacific north west). I am in generally good health(for my age and otherwise). My kids are all in good health, as are their kids.

Rambling and babbling here, but it's how I process. or is it progress?

Politicians continue to vie and lie(I trust none of them), gas prices, groceries and most other necessities continue to rise, entropy increases, and yet, life goes on and life is basically good. Balance will be achieved, come, as they say, Hell or High Water.

Love this life, and Onward, through the fog.

more later.