Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Hi everyone,

My name is John and it's been 11 days since my last post.......

Fall is setting in for sure here in the Pacific North West, which means rain, rain and more rain. Really, I don't mind the rain so much....except some times.

Trying to get my computer back in some semblance of functional after the big hard drive melt down and subsequent re-hard driving. It's an ongoing process. aol 5.0 is REALLY DUMB.

Ginny found more cds containing pictures, but still anything from this year is pretty much gone.

Nothing ....... I've got a lot of nothing worth writing about in my brain.


  1. They'll be "something" to write about soon. You need to get reoriented. There might be a few pictures you can rescue from old posts. I'm sure its nothing compared to what you lost...

    Glad you're back!

  2. Thanks for your comment at my place. Sorry about your hard drive melt-down. I hate it when that happens. Hope you can get things back to normal soon, and that you find something to write about :)

  3. Sometimes you just need time and space to generate ideas--don't worry, the words will come.

    Sorry about the hard drive. Ugh.

  4. Hi John! I very much appreciate the kind words you left on Pollywog Creek. I am so sorry to read of your computer woes...especially the photos. As you may have noticed, I take a gazillion photos and storing them securely is important to me. I keep most of them in an external hard drive and upload the most important ones onto my flickr account. I have a pro account which costs about $25/year. It is worth it to know that those photos are safe should I lose either of my hard drives, but they have free accounts for those who don't have as many photos to store. BTW - my oldest son is a merchant mariner. He graduated from Kings Point in 2005 and sails with a company out of Tampa. Blessings to you, John Ross.