Thursday, March 20, 2008

This is the first

This is the first blog i have ever done. It's an attempt at getting into 21st century communication. let's start out with some "who I am, what I'm doing". It's an outlet for random thoughts from an abstract random thought process kind of guy going on 50. It may not be of any interest to anyone else, or it may.

I find myself three years into my second marriage. I think I'm better at it than i was the first time. I went from being the only surviving parent of a great mid twenties daughter to having a combined six children(5 grown, one preschool) and five grandchildren. well, THAT's something different...and just fine.

Self employed, providing services in the marine pleasure craft field - that's small yachts averaging about 40 feet in lenght. I mostly do teak varnishing, washing, waxing, and some plumbing.

I live on and at the upper end of official poverty level, and that's ok, though I hope for and work for more.

I have done a pretty wide variety of jobs and other activities in my life.
kind of an eclectic life path.

I really like the new Robert Plant Alyson Krauss "Raising Sand" cd.

More later.

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