Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Geez, Sept almost gone.

Geez, where the Hell did September go?

I hadn't realized it'd been this long since I've appeared here. It seems that most of my last few posts have been crossovers of posts I've actually done for Amwriting.org or the one for Moondustwriter's Blog . In other words, I've been either busy or neglectful. We'll go with busy, ok?

I have recently read one post from a friend about gaining or re-gaining some sense of balance in her life as a working professional mom, writer, human bean(spelling intentional - just for fun). And I have also read another post by a fairly accomplished writer about balance being overrated and how writers, especially new writers, need to forget balance and devote themselves more fully to gaining their craft.

Devotion and dedication are great things, and most of the writers, artists, musicians I know have to push the boundaries of the point of diminishing returns in order to move forward. That said, I have long maintained that in life generally Balance is the Key. I stand by that. Without some kind of healthy balance one will soon find themselves an overwhelmed less-than-healthy mess. Balance is not something one attains and can then forget about. It must be constantly reassessed and adjusted. At this point my balance scale is leaning too far away from time spent writing again. I need to fix that.

So here's the plan - I'm setting myself the goal to post SOMETHING on every Monday and every Friday, taking my que there from Quickmissive, as that seems to work pretty well for her as writer and for we, her friends a/o followers.

Bear with me. Or shall it be Bare with me? Ok, that could get a little disturbing so we'll just go with "Bear with me", mm'K? Anyhow, bear with me, I'm just not able to be brilliant on demand(why I got out of the graphic design program in college). So some of these posts, IF they are actually going to occur on a regular schedule are going to be....well, Not Brilliant. They may be all kinds of things, hopefully somewhat entertaining enough to satisfy some of us, and that will have to do. It's as much about the process as the product at this point in my writing.

I have still not been able to settle on any one given topic or specialty, which I understand may mean certain death or at least an interminable amount of time for this page to not quite flourish. Too bad, I'm just not that focused on one kind of thing.

Ding! (That signals a change of topic, a mental shifting of gears in my family, so it will here as well)

Funny how after all the toys the kid wants, gets, and forgets, he is still just as happy eating a snack in his "house" box. Recently re-diagnosed as high functioning Autistic, it's good to see him quietly enjoying using his imagination, which is not all that unusual for him, and having good "by himself time", which is unusual for him.

let's just consider this one a "check in", shall we?

What kind of things do you do to maintain your balance? Or is it even something you consciously have to think about at all? I'd love to know.


  1. Well, obviously you know my opinion on the question of balance, lol. It's only necessary, I suppose, if you have a lot of priorities all clamoring for the top spot. If I had no kids or household to run, maybe it would be okay to write indiscriminately and neglect my health. At this point it I tried that, all of the spinning plates would crash around my ears and nothing would happen at all.

    Good luck with the new blog venture. I'm glad you'll be writing more. :)

  2. Well, yeah, you have to find that right balance between balance and no-balance. lol.

    I'm all for balance, but I rarely achieve it. I always plan more than I can ever get done in a day, put my head down and charge forward. At the end of the day I'm exhausted and I usually tell myself I have no reason to be, since I didn't even complete half the things on my list.

    Even with self-awareness, I do this day after day.

  3. I used to have a walk-in pantry (larder?) that I used to shut myself in when I felt I needed a moment away from the kids.

    That's probably not what you meant by 'balance', but that's what sprang to mind when I read this post. I miss that pantry.

  4. For me its like a teeter-totter. If one side (the biz side of my writing) gets too high up in my life, I pull back so I can work more on the other side (my personal writing). Can't say I ever quite manage to balance in the middle, but the wild swings back and forth seem to work.

  5. Thanks all, for your great comments, I would have already answered them all personally, but I fell down trying to find my balance. :)

    Kerry - obviously I had Just read yours before I read the guy's who said "We don't Need No Stinkin' Balance" - not buying that.

    Johanna - Yeah, bless yer heart, you're another one that I always wonder how you manage to keep going w/out imploding.

    Crazy Sister - Pantry, here too. When I hear larder, oh you know, like twice a day, I always think of Hams, whole goats & maybe pheasants hanging. Maybe that's a smokehouse. A-Boy would just come find me. ;-)

    Charlotte - Welcome! Right now business side of writing is just a vague dream on my part, so I'll have to go with personal writing, Family, health, & working on boats.