Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Thing about Aaron

Today my post for Autism Awareness Month is a guest post over at Leslie @moondustwriter Moon's blog. They tell me it's a poem. I guess I did steer it that way. The most big real thing I've written about in a while, I think. Also, It was meant to be an account of This is what it's like Just on the Edges of the Autistic Spectrum. P.S. I think the best book I still have ever read about autism is Elizabeth Moon's (no relation?) Fiction novel The Speed of Dark.

Thanks Leslie!

Leslie Moon


  1. Thanks John it is real and touches the heart - keep writing these beautiful pieces for your kiddo and for others.

  2. Thank you, Leslie, for letting me put on your blog. & thanks more for inspiring me to stop & think about it all at once. whew.

  3. I love that picture. It says, "Socks are just too much to bother with."