Saturday, December 11, 2010

52 Card Pick Up

Aaron, 6, is learning.

Remember that annoying *game* from childhood, 52 Card Pick Up? 

Some one approaches with a deck of cards - "Hey, want to play a card game?"  Then while you're still thinking about that they fling the deck out at you to fall all around you and holler "52 CARD PICK UP!"

They think this is funny. They say you have to pick up the cards that THEY THREW DOWN, because "It's the rules".

Hold the phone, I didn't agree to this. They're not my cards. It's not my rule.

Pick up your own damned cards.

 All grown-assed man now, I still find people in life who want me to play 52 Card Pick Up. It's  not my rules. They're not my cards. Pick up your own damned cards.

The other side

Sometimes the card thrower is bigger than you, not your friend, possibly just looking for an excuse to pound on an easy target.  You get tired of being pounded on. You pick up the cards.

Ever run into that feeling in your adult life? 


  1. Just example - the biggest 52 card pick up bully I can think of would be government bureaucracies. Ya kinda have to pick u p their cards if you want to be allowed to play the other games they have at the shindig.