Saturday, April 17, 2010

Middle Aged Grooming

You know you're Middle Aged Man when you cut the inside of your ear lobe - shaving. Or say, when you find that you now require reading glasses to shave. Shown: that tricky up-under the reading glasses eye brow trim.  Some times I seem to feel & remember the full wieght and circumstances of my life and times that brought me to where I find myself now.  Other times, I still seem to be looking out of the eyes and mind of my youth. Like Billy, in Slaughterhouse Five, who frequently became "unstuck in time".  I often have this fleeting wonder as I wake, where and when I'll be when I open my eyes.   One of my Grandaughters just celebrated her fourth birthday today. Happy Brithday, Zoe!


  1. Looks tricky, John. Here's hoping I never have to do that.

    I love that you're still reading my blog, popping over for a dose of funny and leaving with nothing but a dose of boring, perhaps mildly amusing at times. Thanks.

  2. And how talented are you to take photos as you do it?

    See, that's probably why you're cutting yourself.

  3. Yeah, my goodness, it does get complicated trying to photo and shave/trim/floss - buff the ole' pate, etc every day! ;-)